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Why choose Carter Lumber over big box stores

If you've never shopped with us before, Carter Lumber may not be your first choice when thinking home repair or remodel. Once you know a little bit about how we do business at Carter Lumber, we'll be your only choice.  Carter Lumber is dedicated to providing exceptional service, quality lumber and building materials at competitive prices to our family of customers. Our company’s success is developed by our experience in the building industry and we still follow these hometown values each and every day.

Why choose Carter Lumber for your home improvement projects

Customer Service

While big box stores are stocking shelves and scanning inventory, we are focused on serving you so that your project is completed properly, the first time. A big reason for this is that we don't just hire anyone. We hire and train knowledgable building people, so when you have a question, we not only have an answer this time, but we build a relationship with you so that we're the first people you ask next time. Big box stores can't give you the personal attention that Carter Lumber employees will. 

Your Shopping Experience

Long lines, fighting through crowds and no parking spaces. We all hate them. Not only is it time consuming, but it's frustrating and makes your shopping experience feel like an unpaid job. At Carter Lumber, you'll find that our small stores are actually a pleasure to shop and you'll get you checked out in no time. With so many frustrations in our lives these days, why make shopping for building supplies another one?

Quality of Products

Typically big box stores carry every product out there, ranging in quality. Look no further than lumber. Ever look at a 2x4 in one of the big box stores? You won't find that knotty, crooked wood at a Carter Lumber because we know you expect better for your project. We see our high quality products  as a major differentiator for us versus the big boxes. We want you walking out the door happy that you just purchased a quality product from Carter Lumber.

The quality of our treated lumber exceeds those in other stores. Ours has the beauty of real wood with superior weather protection. View below the advantages of purchasing treated lumber at Carter Lumber.