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Carter Lumber Yard Delivery

timely delivery

Transporting building supplies safely and efficiently. see below how we can help

The Delivery of your Building Supplies

We understand how important timely delivery is to your business. That’s why we have our own fleet of delivery vehicles capable of delivering the materials you need, when you need them. Our fleet is comprised of a variety of delivery vehicles, each of which serves a specific need in transporting the building supplies we sell to your job sites safely and efficiently.

Benefits of Carter Lumber Delivery Services

  • We have the right vehicles to ensure your materials are delivered on-time and safely
  • Less expensive than renting specialty delivery vehicles
  • No wear and tear on your vehicles
  • Peace of mind that someone else is handling the logistics of deliveries
  • Loads are built and delivered by local stores
  • Time saved from having your materials placed on-site where you need them (including Rooftop Shingle Delivery)
  • Capable of transporting to numerous locations simultaneously across our service area
  • Additional delivery support vehicles available (availability differs by store)