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Insulation Projects and Products

House insulation is your key to all-season comfort!

It's important to construct a house that's economical and comfortable year round. The right airtight insulation from Carter Lumber can help you control moisture, sound, air infiltration and temperature resistance throughout the house.

Energy Efficiency and Your Home

Want to know the benefits of energy efficiency in the home? Or how you can make your home more energy efficient? We have the whole process to start your green remodeling – whether you want to tackle this as a DIY project, or hire one of our professional installers. First, we have to know how insulation works in the home.


Insulation Products from Carter Lumber

Below is just a sampling of what we stock. Check your local Carter Lumber store for a complete selection of Insulation Products, or find out what the proper insulation for your space will cost.

Guardian Fiberglass Insulation

Guardian Fiberglass Insulation

Guardian Fiberglass products contain 35% recycled glass — more specifically, 30% post-consumer glass and 5% post-industrial glass. To clarify, post-consumer recycled glass includes things like pop bottles and other glass items we use every day. Besides the energy savings of airtight insulation, Guardian Fiberglass insulation also ensures a higher quality of life. Many Guardian Fiberglass insulation products are Greenguard® certified, meaning they have gone through rigorous testing on proven emission standards for upholding indoor air quality.

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Insulation Board

Insulation board for house insulation For basement or attic insulation, if you can't afford to give up the space to construct 2" x 4" framing, try using foam insulation board. This rigid insulation can line walls without the support of a wooden framework.

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Insulation underlayment from Carter Lumber When re-siding the exterior of your home, use an insulated housewrap, or underlayment, to help make the job easier. In addition to adding a layer of protection toward airtight insulation, it provides a smooth nailing surface to simplify installation of the new siding.

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Sill Plate Gasket

Sill plate insulation from Carter Lumber As a major step toward making your home airtight, insulation must include the foundation as well as the walls. A significant portion of a structure's heat loss is because of air infiltration, especially where the walls and foundation meet. Use sill plate insulation from Carter Lumber to fill the gaps between the sill plate and foundation wall to prevent a large part of this loss.

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Insulated house wrap for airtight insulation Typically installed over wood or insulating sheathing and under siding or other exterior covering, insulated housewrap surrounds a home with a protective barrier helping to seal out energy-robbing leaks and drafts for more airtight insulation.

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Blown Insulation

Blown insulation for greater efficiency Blown-in insulation conforms to the space where it is applied — even around wires, electrical boxes and pipes—creating a monolithic thermal envelope. This means greater efficiency, fewer leaks and drafts, lower heating and cooling costs and a more consistent room-to-room temperature year round.

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Ventilation for your attic insulation

The attic is one place where you actually don't want totally airtight insulation. Proper ventilation helps create a positive air flow which helps to prevent harmful moisture buildup. So attic rafter vents should be installed to allow air to enter and exit a structure. You’ll find attic rafter vents and more at your local Carter Lumber.