Determining your budget is the first and most important factor before you begin your kitchen or bath project. Knowing your budget early on in the process will guide every part of the process that follows. The budget is especially important for the design phase, so we can give you the room of your dreams within your means.


This is the most fun part of the process. When you walk into your new room, what do you want it to look like?

Visit our showrooms, search the internet, find inspiration in magazines, collect paint swatches, and whatever else you need to gather ideas for your dream space. Once you have an idea of what you'd like, bring your materials to your designer. This will help us to determine your style and the look and feel of your new space.


As you're gathering inspiration for your new space, start to make a list of the most important things you need to be satisfied. A good place to start is by making a list of your annoyances with your current space.

Don't have enough prep space, or the kitchen is too dark? Make sure to put that on the list. Then, start adding features you'd like to have in your new kitchen or bath. Whether you want heated floors or soft-close drawers, writing out these must-haves will help your designer incorporate these features into your space. This also helps make sure you and your designer are on the same page with functionality and design.


With a budget in mind and ideas in hand, visit one of our showrooms or make an appointment online. You will be assigned one of our professionally-trained, certified designers who will guide you through the entire project.

Make sure to bring your inspiration materials with you on your first visit to get the discussion on the right path. Your designer will go over your ideas and must-haves to learn what you need in your new space. With their years of experience, your designer will offer tips and considerations as you go through each part of the room together.

We view these meetings as a two-way conversation, not just a consultation. Our designers listen to what you have to say so that they can design a room that suits your needs perfectly.


After meeting with our designer, if you liked what you heard, the next step is determining what we have to work with. Our designer will visit your home to take photographs and measurements of your current space. They will also take note of any pieces that will need to be reused, structural issues and adjoining rooms where transitions will be needed after the new project is installed. If this is new construction, you or your contractor can provide the blueprints from which we can obtain the measurements.


With the room measurements and your requirements at hand, your designer will begin creating the kitchen or bath of your dreams.

They will create a 3-D representation of your space using advanced design software, so you can see exactly how the space will look. Your designer will move forward with the selection of countertops, tile, paint colors, and fixtures based on the inspirational material you provided, as well as your consultation.


Once your custom design has been completed, your designer will contact you to schedule an appointment for the design presentation.

At the appointment, you will see your new space in 3-D. Your designer will thoroughly explain their design choices for each area of the room. They will provide you with all the options they've gathered for paint colors, countertops, tiles, and other fixtures. You will also be provided with a preliminary quote at this appointment.


A follow-up appointment will be scheduled to allow you sufficient time to finalize all of your choices. At this appointment, you will walk through every decision in the room and make a final determination of how you would like to proceed with each.

Once these choices are made, our designer will provide you with a final quote for your new room.


At the acceptance of the quote, you will need to make a down payment on your new room. Once the down payment is made, scheduling begins and your cabinets are ordered.


Our designer will work with a professional installer to schedule the installation of your new room. We understand that in most cases, you’ll be living in the home while construction happens, so we will work with you to determine the best time based on your schedule. If you're in the process of new construction, we can fit this into your timeline so that is aligns with your overall production schedule.


With all the hard work finished, it's time to relax and enjoy your dream space!