Go Ahead – Get Creative

When it comes to custom millwork, molding and trim of any kind, Carter Custom Millwork is the place to start. If you can dream it, we can make it! Our custom millwork team can turn your sketches and ideas into a unique profile. From casings and crown molding to chair rails, from custom mantles and cabinetry, you can count on us for quality finishing touches that add elegant details and durability to every project.

Complete Customization

From the wood entering our warehouse to being transformed into an intricate millwork product, our experts use their hands-on skills to make sure everything is done perfectly.

In fact, our millwork experts can create custom knife profiles to match any existing profile, should a client need a match for already existing molding.

Far From Run of the Mill

See why Carter Custom Millwork stands apart from the competition.


Carter Custom Millwork employs its own dispatch and delivery system, ensuring your order arrives on time and safely. We feel it's important to run our own delivery because no one cares more about your order arriving on time and in pristine condition than we do.

We treat our deliveries very gently, just like furniture deliveries. We use caution while handling these sometimes delicate and highly valuable orders. Our drivers are trained to treat their deliveries with extreme care.