Frequently Asked Questions

Does Carter Lumber accept returns of non-damaged products?

Yes, we do, as long as the item you purchased is in sellable condition. They can not be opened, torn or show any signs of use. Returns must be accompanied by the original sales receipt.

Are special order items returnable?

Special order products can not be resold in our stores. Therefore, special order items are not returnable.

Can I return a product to a different Carter Lumber than where it was purchased?

Yes, as long as you have the receipt. If you do not have a receipt, you will need to return it to the store where it was purchased.

Can I return a product without a receipt?

Yes, to the store where it was purchased, but you will only be refunded based on the knowledge of the sale at the lowest selling price.

If I return a product, how will the refund be made?

For credit card, debit card and cash purchases, you will be refunded by the method with which you originally purchased the item.

I paid by check, how will I be refunded?

Cash refunds will be given on invoices paid by check after a 10 day waiting period. If the amount of the check exceeds the allowable cash refund amount determined by the local manager, you will be issued a check by our corporate office. The allowable cash refund is generally $100 and under.

I made a return and was told my debit card would be refunded, why hasn’t my credit appeared on my bank account?

Refunds can take some time to show on debit cards. Know that we process your refund the same day you make your return. Contacting your bank can often give you a good idea of when your refund will be applied to your account.

Is my product still under warranty?

The product manufacturer determines warranty periods. Please visit the product’s manufacturer’s website for instructions on filing a warranty claim.

Why isn’t labor covered on a product under warranty?

The product warranties are manufacturer’s warranties, not Carter Lumber warranties. Please contact them directly in regards to what is covered under your warranty.

I purchased a building kit/package from you, but I did not receive enough material.

The materials supplied for each kit is based on lengths and waste specified in the blueprints. If any variation occurs during the build, you may run short on materials. Please contact the store you purchased your package from to discuss any problems you may have encountered.

Why are the shingles on my house two different colors?

Color variation can occur in different runs of shingle production. Shingles produced in the same run are assigned a unique lot number which is marked on the outside of each bundle. Prior to installing shingles, it is best to check lot numbers for consistency.

I waited too long at one of your stores.

Our store managers schedule staffing based on historical and seasonal conditions at their location. However, sometimes there are unforeseen variables they are unable to account for and our customers have a longer wait than we would like. We apologize for any inconvenience waiting has caused.