Build Your Dream Home with Carter Lumber

Carter Lumber and Design Basics have combined their architecture and building materials expertise to offer an exceptional selection of top-selling house designs.

The Carter Lumber Contractor Series of Home Designs was designed from many customer requests. Carter Lumber also offers 13 classic home designs, all of which combine style and practicality. Take a look if you’re considering building!

Customized Homes, Designed Around You

Materials shown here are just examples; we can customize your finishing touches. Carter Lumber is committed to helping you build your new home from start to finish, and we carry all building materials needed to execute these designs.

For any questions regarding these homes or building materials shown, contact your local Carter Lumber location or stop by for a Home Designs catalog.

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One Story Home Plans

One story homes are more popular than ever today. Building a ranch home is a great option for retirement homes as everything is on one level, so there are no stairs to climb.

Ranch-style homes are also great for open floor plans and entertaining. Guests can easily flow through the floor plan, allowing for more togetherness when you're hosting.

Our one story plans from Design Basics offer a wide variety of styles and floor plans, so you can best choose how to use your space.

Two Story Home Plans

Two story homes are perfect for families that need more space for children or maybe a home office or two. Our two story home plans are family-focused and offer a number of layouts that allow you to utilize every inch of your home.

Almost of these plans offer unique areas that assist in building that family atmosphere we know everyone is looking for today. It could be a large kitchen area that flows right into the family room or a uniquely positioned family room where you know you'll be spending every night with your family.

Our two story home plans from Design Basics come in a variety of styles from timeless classic styles to modern takes on Mission and Craftsman designs. The great part about choosing these plans for your next home is that you can customize everything. Unlike buying a home from a builder who may have a handful of options, when you build with these plans, your options are truly limitless.

Multi-Family Home Plans

Our multi-family home plans are perfect for investors looking to create a revenue stream from rental income, but they're also great for an individual who wants to get more bang for their buck by building their home and a rental property at the same time.

The duplex home plans are all classic side-by-side setups that maximize land usage. Once you have the structure built, you can customize the rest to your heart's content.

Cost of Building a House

Not sure of all the costs associated with building a house? We’re here to help answer your questions. Many things, including building materials, could affect the price of your new home. Two of the more prominent factors are regulatory costs and the level of amenities.

Frequently Asked Questions on Home Plans

Where should I start? How do I find a builder? Should I buy a lot first?

We're here to answer all your questions on home plans and building projects. If there's something more you need, feel free to contact your local Carter Lumber, and we'll be glad to assist you.