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Window Projects and Remodeling

Increase the beauty and energy efficiency of your home with new windows

Having top of the line windows can add a great sense of style to your home, but did you know that having the right windows can cut household energy costs by as much as 15 percent? Our national name branded windows give you the peace of mind knowing you have high-quality windows that are keeping all of the elements at bay outside.

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Replacing windows

Replacing Windows

Getting Started with Replacing Windows

Replacing your home windows can lower your utility bills and increase your home's value. According to Energy StarĀ®, replacing old windows with new Energy StarĀ® qualified models will save you between 7 and 15 percent annually on your energy bills. This will also help lower greenhouse gas emissions from power plants.

Checklist of Materials

When choosing a coordinating window material, base your decision off the architecture of your home.

  • Aluminum- Lightweight, strong and the most cost effective. Usually selected for homes in warm to mild climate.
  • Composite- Strength and stability of wood, with the low-maintenance features of vinyl. These are available in rich exterior colors.
  • Glass Block- A special building material made of glass and laid similarly to brick or concrete blocks. Commonly used in basements.
  • Vinyl- Durable and energy efficient. Easy to care for with ample design options to boost your home's curb appeal.
  • Wood- The beauty of natural wood without the worry of wood rot. Easy to care for that offers design freedom to get the look you dreamed of.

Proper Measuring

Measuring needs to be precise. The right fit is crucial to the performance and energy efficiency of your new windows.

Installing Windows

Remove your old windows very carefully to avoid damage the home's walls. Make sure you have a weathertight fit, while making assuring your new window or door is square, level and plumb in the opening. Your new windows must be properly sealed, to prevent air, moisture and water from leaking in. It is also important to install insulation between your home's walls and the new windows.

Cleaning Up

Your old windows should be disposed of in a proper manner. Contact your local Carter Lumber with any questions. Check each window for proper operation, and that they are completely sealed. You can now finish your windows, whether you choose to paint or stain them, or add hardware. Finally, and if necessary, interior and exterior trim needs to be replaced and finished.

Your Window Project Specialists

Find your house windows at Carter Lumber. Carter Lumber has a way to update the appearance of homes, while making them more energy-efficient at the same time. All it takes is new house windows! Check out the wide selection of house windows, including basement windows at The Yard! If you have any questions or need help, let a professional window installer put them securely in place.