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Vinyl siding is popular because it's extremely durable. It never rots or peels, and there's no need for painting. Best of all, it cleans up easily. Vinyl siding also comes in a variety of colors. Color can dramatically affect the overall look of a home. The most important rule to follow when selecting a color is to choose something that will stand the test of time.

Basic Color Guidelines to Keep In Mind:

  • Lighter colors make a house look larger
  • Darker colors make a house look smaller
  • Cool colors make features recede
  • Similar color schemes for accessories and siding simplify the exterior
  • Contrasting shades of trim and accessories add interest

Siding Supplies & Materials

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For siding projects, we carry vinyl and metal siding, along with all the siding accessories you need from top brands. Browse our siding selection online.

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Online Siding Estimate

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Our siding estimator will allow you to input some of your siding project’s specific details and receive an accurate estimate for your project.

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Home Siding Installation

Re-siding a home is among the top ten remodeling projects that can be done in terms of overall payback. Re-siding is a great investment since homeowners can often recoup 75–100% of their costs. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when installing siding:

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Benefits Of Exterior Home Siding From Carter Lumber

See the benefits of using exterior home siding from Carter Lumber- from do-it-yourself to professionals. Remember, if you don't see the items you are looking for we can order them special to your request.

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