Rayonier Advanced Materials

Rayonier can trace their history back to 1926, when the Rainier Pulp & Paper Company began operation in Washington State. Eleven years later, they emerged as a global leader. With three companies merging in 1937 to form Rayonier, they immediately became the single largest manufacturer of dissolving pulps in the world. In 1931, when DuPont sought a process to purify hemlock pulp for use in the production of rayon, they turned to Rayonier, planting the seeds for a partnership that led to innovation and fueled Rayonier’s growth. In the years since, they’ve built and maintained their position as the leading provider of high-purity performance fibers. In 2014, Rayonier Inc. divided its land resources businesses from its performance fibers business, creating two independent publicly traded companies. They are now a global forest products company with products ranging from lumber, paperboard and newsprint to high-yield pulp and high-purity cellulose. They have expanded our international footprint to include global manufacturing operations in Canada and France in addition to our U.S. operations.

Product Categories

Non-Treated Lumber