Program Rules

Program Dates: 7/01/2023- 6/30/2024

Points and redemption

• To redeem, your account must be current and in good standing at the time of redemption and the time of the trip.

• Participants with credit accounts or purchases at Carter Lumber Company and its affiliated companies that are past due on the date that awards are distributed in 2024, or participants who have been referred for collections or legal at any time, shall be disqualified from the Yard Rewards program and shall be ineligible to receive an award.

• One point is earned for every dollar spent (net of sales tax) on your Carter Lumber account.

• Participants must reach the published award level to be eligible for a trip.

• All points are redeemed at the highest point value in the trip level.

For example, if you have 900,000 points, you may redeem for one trip for two people to:
The Level 1 trip at 900,000 points OR the Level 2 trip at 849,999 points

• All awards are as stated online and in the catalog. There will be NO award substitutions, cash awards, or store credit.

• 25% of the points must be earned in the current year, i.e., 2024.

• Participants agree to allow Carter Lumber, without additional compensation, the right to use and publish their name, photograph, state of residence, number of Yard Rewards program points accumulated, and trips redeemed with such points in its marketing and promotional materials. Acceptance of trips constitutes such permission.

• Participants are solely responsible for claiming the trip on their taxes; Carter Lumber will no longer provide you with 1099 forms for redeeming Yard Rewards trips.

• You will receive an email notice on August 1, 2024, stating that the redemption period has started. REDEMPTIONS WILL NOT BE AWARDED BEFORE YOU RECEIVE THIS INFORMATION.

• All redemptions must be completed online by the previously stated deadline. Redemptions will not be accepted via telephone.

• Carter Lumber reserves the right in its sole discretion to cancel a trip program or change destinations for any reason deemed appropriate.

• Carter Lumber reserves the right to disqualify any participants who violate any policies of the Yard Rewards Program.

Point Rollover Feature

If you are unable to redeem for a trip, you are permitted to rollover your points for one year only on our website during the redemption period of Aug. 1-31, 2024. If you do not redeem or rollover, your points are forfeited. Partial point rollovers are not permitted. You may not redeem a trip and rollover excess points. When you login online at time of redemption, simply click the Rollover Point Feature.


Year 1
Points Earned During 2022 - 2023 350,000
Points Eligible for Rollover at 2023 Redemption 350,000
Year 2
Points Earned During 2023 - 2024 200,000
Total Points Eligible for Trip at 2024 Redemption (including rollover from 22 - 23) 550,000
Points Eligible for Rollover at 2024 Redemption 200,000


• All trips are redeemed online from August 1–31, 2024. ALL points not redeemed by Saturday August 31, 2024, will be forfeited.
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• Yard Rewards trips are as scheduled. There will be no deviations from the offered locations and dates of Yard Reward trips.

• All trips must be confirmed by the reservation deadline or availability cannot be guaranteed. Yard Reward trips are on a first-come, first-serve basis.

• The individual traveling must be the authorized participant or a designated business associated of the company receiving the award.

• Carter Lumber Company is not responsible for any damages done to personal belongings during your vacation.

• Carter Lumber will not cover rental fees needed for equipment or additional activities outside our program.

• If reservations are canceled after tickets have been issued, neither the trip nor any points will be awarded back to the member. Participant is responsible for any cancellation or name change fees.

• Buy-ups are permitted based on space availability. If you have interest in buying up, please email after August 1, 2024, to let us know your intentions. We will put you on a waitlist should space become available. Buy-ups are prioritized based on the customer's total point volume.

• Due to space limitations on trips, there will be a maximum of two trips per company, regardless of the number of credit accounts the company may have with Carter Lumber Company.

Example: Customer has earned 3,200,000 points, and you want to send one couple to attend the Level 1 trip and one couple to the Level 2 trip. You would redeem the first trip for 1,349,999 and the second trip for 849,999. Under this scenario, the customer may receive one trip to the Tier 1 destination and one trip to the Tier 2 destination. The remaining points will be forfeited per program rules.


ALL PERSONS traveling by AIR outside of the United States are required to present a valid passport book to enter or re-enter the United States.
To apply for a passport today, go to your local Post Office or go to for more information.

A valid passport is the required form of Identification. A valid passport must have 6 months left from the date the passport expires.