Garage Pricing Tool

If your building size, shape, roof type, doors or windows are not included in Carter Lumber’s Garage Pricing Tool we can help with a custom design and estimate. Just complete the form as close as you can and include the custom details in the notes area of your request for a quote.

  • All garages are figured on a cleared, level and prepared site. All concrete flatwork (floors, aprons and walks) are “by others” and are not included in the material or labor pricing.
  • Foundation Options - Garages are figured on either a concrete slab foundation or an 8” concrete block foundation. Foundations are not included in the price of the materials or labor.
    • Garages on slab foundations have a single treated 2x4 bottom plate.
    • Garages on a block foundation have a 2x8 treated sill plate and a 2x4 SPF bottom plate
    • Anchor bolts are not included in material pricing
  • Walls – Studwalls are 2x4 @ 16” on center with a single bottom plate and double top plate. Three studs are figured for each corner. All garages are figured with housewrap over 7/16” OSB sheathing with options of Dutch lap or Double 4 in white or color.
  • Roofs – Framed with prefabricated clear span wood truss 24” on center. (includes 2x4 lateral bracing and “Z” truss bracing and Simpson Truss anchors) Roof pitches are available for 4/12, 6/12 and 8/12. All garages are figured with 15# felt over ½” OSB roof sheathing with “H” clips. Shingle options include 25 year 3-tab, 30 year Dimensional and 30 year Dimensional Duration. All roofs are trimmed on all edges with aluminum drip edge and 2x6 sub fascia with white aluminum fascia cover and include a continuous roll ridge vent.
  • Overhang Options – Garages can be designed with or without overhangs. Overhangs are 12” wide with vented vinyl soffit and may be put on eaves only or on all sides.
  • Nails, trim & a basic plans are included with all garages.
  • Sealed Engineered plans are available at an additional fee.

  • Large openings are available as an opening only, un-insulated overhead door or an insulated overhead door.
    • Opening only*option – Framed opening with 2)2x12 header, 2x6 jambs and trim. – No door included
    • Overhead door* options – All overhead doors include door, hardware and a framed opening (above). Options include Insulated and Un-insulated overhead doors.
  • Man door options- Pre-hung steel door with lockset, header, jambs and siding trim - Options include: Flush, 6-panel and 2 panel-9 lite – Available widths are 3’ single doors and 6’ double doors.
  • Window options – Framed opening with 2)2x6 header, single hung white vinyl window with built in “J” channel

* 2)2x12 SPF headers are specified for all large openings. Large openings located on the eave or bearing sides of a garage will require an engineered header at an additional cost.

* Narrow Wall Bracing may be required for wall segments less than 48” wide next to overhead door openings and will add to the garage cost.