Pole Barn Pricing Tool

Design and price a custom pole building

If your building size, shape, roof type, doors or windows are not included in the options below contact us for a custom design.

  • All pole buildings are figured on a cleared, level and prepared site. All concrete flatwork (floors, aprons and walks) are “by others” and are not included in the material or labor pricing.
  • Concrete Post footers are required for all posts (except entry door posts). Footers are typically poured from local concrete providers and are not included in the material or labor pricing.
  • Treated posts (Side post 8’ on center, gable end posts 8’ or 10’ on center)
    • 24’ wide barns - 4x6 treated posts 8’ on center
    • 30’ wide barns – 6x6 treated posts 8’ on center eave side, 10’ on center gable ends
    • 40’ wide barns – 6x6 treated posts 8’ on center
    • Skirt boards - Double 2x6 tongue and groove treated boards
    • Wall girts - 2x4 Girts 24” on center
    • Girders - 24’ and 30’ buildings priced w/ 2)#1 syp 2x12 girders - 40’ Buildings priced w/ 3)#1 syp 2x12 girders (“Y” bracing, girder seats and 3 5/8” Fasten Master LedgerLok self-taping screws all included)
      • Adjustment factors account for snow loads over 30 psf
    • Clear Span 4/12 pitch Wood Trusses (2x4 lateral and “Z” truss bracing with Simpson Truss anchors)
      • Truss spacing, Roof purlins and roof sheathing is listed below with the roofing finish options
    • Nails, trim & basic plans
  • Vinyl siding & trim on 7/16” sheathing and house wrap (additional 2x4 vertical nailer 4’ on center for 4x8 sheathing)
  • Painted Steel siding & trim w/ matching screws (29 ga. Life time warranty)
  • Shingles roofing - 25 year fiberglass shingles, 15# felt, 1/2” OSB sheathing w/ clips, Roll Ridge vent, Drip edge (gable and eave) Trusses 24” on center
  • Painted Steel roofing & trim w/ matching screws (29 ga. Life time warranty) Trusses 48” on center
  • 12” Roof Overhangs includes vented vinyl soffit, trim and 2x6 fascia boards with aluminum cover
  • Overhead door with hardware, jambs, header and trim*
  • Sliding door with aluminum vertical frames, 29 ga. painted steel siding on 2x4 girts, covered rail, door bumper, stay roller, hangers, jamb latch, center door latch (split doors), door rub, header, jambs and siding trim *
  • Opening only - Framed opening with header, jambs and siding trim*
  • 36”x80” man doorPre-hung steel door with lockset, header, jambs and siding trim-Options of: Flush, 6-panel and 2 panel-9 lite
  • Windows - Framed opening with 2x6 header, single hung white vinyl window with built in “J” channel
  • Lean-to’s - Eave side additions framed with 2x wood rafters sized and spaced for conditions, 2x girders, treated 6x6 post 8’ on center, 12” overhang with 2x6 fascia with aluminum fascia cover. Roofing and trim included to match the selected building finish.
  • Sealed Engineered plans are available at an additional fee.

* 2)2x12 SPF headers are specified for all large openings. Large openings located on the eave or bearing sides of a pole building will require an engineered header at an additional cost.