Who We Are

Carter Lumber is a story of people and family; those who have dedicated themselves to service, perseverance, and hard work to make our business the best it can be. These philosophies were ingrained in our founder, W.E. Carter, and remain absolutely essential to who we are today.


In 1932, W.E., along with T. Neil Jones, opened his first lumberyard, the Carter-Jones Lumber Company in Akron, Ohio, at the height of the Great Depression. W.E. and his family lived above the Carter-Jones store for three years and only took a paycheck if cash was left at the end of the week.

Through ambition and determination, while most businesses closed, Carter-Jones was one of the few lumber companies in Akron to make a profit. By 1940, three locations had opened in the Akron area, and Carter-Jones became known for honesty and fair pricing, something not common during that time.


Over the next 80 years, Carter-Jones would become Carter Lumber as we’re known today. Carter Lumber has grown to more than 160 locations across the eastern half of the United States. We’ve remained a family-owned business since the beginning, not bought and controlled by private investment firms. Now, Carter Lumber is the fifth largest building materials supplier in North America. 

Our leadership today has taken that sense of family to new heights. Their consistent message to the company is everyone in a management position is to be focused on their people. Because everything starts with people. At every level of the company, we focus on not only hiring and retaining A-players, but more importantly, A-players that are good people. We firmly believe if you have good people throughout your organization, everything else will take care of itself.

Join Carter Lumber to see what that environment is like and how it can help people flourish. You won't regret it.